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Sunday, we celebrate 11 years since we started Remarkable Healthcare. This morning, we received these wonderful emails from an amazing husband and daughter who entrusted his wife/her mother in our care at our Remarkable Healthcare of Prestonwood.

To whom it may concern:
My wife Jannet V. was admitted to your facility from Prestonwood Court approximately 11 days ago because she had tested positive for Covid.
Fortunately for us, one of the most competent, empathetic and delightful women in the world was responsible for over-seeing her care.
My two adult daughters and I have rarely had the privilege To be associated with such a loyal and dedicated health care worker.
We came very close to losing my wife and could have, had it not been for the dedication of Sarah.
It is truly such a pleasure to meet someone as professional as Sarah and for that we want to commend her and your organization.
Thank you all very much.

Martin V.

My mom, Jannet, was recently at your rehab center at Prestonwood for about two weeks due to a COVID outbreak at her assisted living facility - Prestonwood Court. As you can imagine, we were terrified as she has several health issues including dementia, and is 74 years old. We were so worried we were going to lose her and it was over the holidays which made it even more upsetting.
However, Sarah, was not having it! She took my mom under her wing and nursed her back to health with all the love and grace that you could ever ask for out of someone caring for any family member. She texted us daily with updates, took pictures of her so we could see her, went ABOVE and BEYOND to take the very best care of my mom and nurse her back to health.
We are one of the lucky ones - my mom completely recovered and is now back at Prestonwood Court. All thanks to Sarah.
I'm convinced she is an angel on earth and I wanted to be sure you knew how special she is. We can't thank her enough for taking such great care of our mom (and wife). Thank you also for running such an amazing facility and having Sarah on staff.
Please let me know if you need any further details of how awesome she is - happy to provide.

Tracy W.

And, THIS is the reason we are so GRATEFUL for the trust others place when they choose Remarkable Healthcare to care for their loved ones. We continue to be in awe of the outstanding care our INCREDIBLE Remarkable Healthcare colleagues provide to our patients. Thank you, Mr. Vogt and Ms. Wilson, for giving us the honor and privilege of caring for your wife and mother. Thank you for BLESSING us with this opportunity to help her recover from the horrible virus Covid is. Sarah and the Prestonwood team, THANK YOU for being REMARKABLE. We praise you and celebrate you every day.

Steven Nelson Review

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our neighbors and families!

There is no greater blessing than that of family and friends coming together from far and near to be together for the holidays.

Remarkable is proud to host the Thanksgiving Social by providing a chef-prepared meal for our loved ones and their families to bond and share smiles over.

Our team leaders teamed up to make each Thanksgiving meal one that was filled with love, radiance, care, and passion. We give thanks to our Remarkable team members and families and friends. Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

RH of Dallas Fair

The smell of funnel cakes and corndogs swirled in the air while music played, people laughed, and balloons from the dart game, popped. It’s not the Texas State Fair; it’s the Remarkable Healthcare of Dallas Fair!

After a trip with eleven (11) neighbors to the state fair the week before, the Support Team of Dallas decided they wanted to provide the same fun for all seventy-three (73) of their neighbors.

Within four (4) days, James Pierce, the dietary manager, made the suggestion to host the event and the team members made it happen. Everyone gathered outside on the afternoon of Friday, October 17, 2014 for some good old-fashioned fall fun! From face painting and balloons, to games and prizes, there was something for everyone; even wheelchair races. Some of the neighbors simply enjoyed snacking on cotton candy and socializing.

Each department chose a game that they wanted to set up. They used their own resources to plan, provide, and execute the games and prizes. The teams worked together to ensure that they had a prize for every single neighbor. Everyone enjoyed it so much that there is talk about doing a winter fair in a couple months.

While the atmosphere is always cheerful in RH of Dallas, there was an extra spark in everyone’s disposition that day. Some things are ageless and timeless. A good, old-fashioned fair is one of them.

Dallas Fair

Remarkable Healthcare Dallas featured on CBS 11 News

2014 Physician of the Year

Congratulations Dr. Robert C. Treadwell, DO on being named 2014 Physician of the Year by Texas Health Fort Worth. Dr. Treadwell serves as Remarkable Healthcare’s medical director at the Fort Worth facility.

2014 Physician of the Year

Summer Spruce Up

Leading by example and team building with fellowship, food, and hard work are some key characteristics of the Remarkable Healthcare Family. On Sunday, August 3rd, the Fort Worth team came together for a facility cleaning and touch up day. Since the Fort Worth facility opened in June 2011, the support team felt that it was time for a little TLC. Jessica Arteaga said the Remarkable Family has “personal responsibility and pride in where we work.”

The team spent the afternoon power washing the front entry of the exterior building and the courtyard fountain. They also cleaned all of the handrails, air vents, common living spaces, and exterior windows. They also touched up paint where needed. Monica Castillo said, “[It was] an opportunity to bring together more than just the typical Monday through Friday, eight to five employees, and to bring our personal families into the mix.” Not only was the entire Fort Worth team invited to help, but the regional support team and their families as well. About 39 spouses and children over the age of thirteen came to bring supplies and offer their help. We were so happy to have the help of Adriana Sanchez’s husband, Alex, who barbequed, Jessica Arteaga’s husband, Moses, who helped with the power washing, Tonya Diehl’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Merissa, who cleaned and touched up paint in the rehab gym, as well as the help and support from other team member's families.

Here at Remarkable Healthcare, we really mean it when we say we are family focused. We genuinely invest ourselves in the health and wellbeing of our neighbors, as well as the appearance, atmosphere, and functionality of our facilities. It is not just a place of work, but rather a place that we enjoy and where we can come together with our families to spend time.

Just like we want our spouses and children to feel comfortable and at home, we also want our neighbors and their families, who are here at Remarkable, to feel just as welcome. It is one of our goals to keep our facility always looking and feeling new; no matter how old the facility is or how many neighbors we get to serve.

This cleaning day was so successful and made such an improvement to the facility that the Fort Worth team has decided to make it an annual event.

Just like a spring cleaning is important in our own homes, a yearly deep clean is also important to rid our facility out those pesky cobwebs and dust bunnies that are overlooked on the daily touch-ups. Routine facility cleaning is not enough. The team members of Remarkable Healthcare have so much company pride that everyone is willing to scrub the floors.

Summer Spruce Up in Fort Worth

A Remarkable Wedding

On a pleasant Saturday in September, the daughter of our neighbor, Mrs. Napier, was married at our facility in Seguin. The ceremony and reception were` relocated to Remarkable so that her mother who was at the end of a long battle with cancer wouldn't miss it. The Monday following the wedding, Mrs. Napier went home to be with the Lord. We are grateful to have been part of a beautiful ceremony for a remarkable family.

A Remarkable Wedding

Cheers to Prestonwood!

We are proud to announce Remarkable Healthcare's NEWEST and FOURTH Remarkable community! Remarkable Healthcare of Prestonwood opened in the Spring of 2014 and is located at 4501 Plano Parkway, Carrollton, Texas.

A big thank you to Griffin Properties,, for building another Remarkable facility!

Cheers to Prestonwood!

Karen Bordano,
Citizen of the Week

Congratulations to Karen Bordano, our CEO in Seguin, Texas! She was selected as the Seguin Citizen of the Week. Take a moment to read the article and see what makes our people so Remarkable.

Karen Bordano, Citizen of the Week

All things grow
with love!

Congratulations to Seguin's Remarkable Dietary Team led by Pamela Bounds. Their delicious, prize-winning Chicken and Dumplings garnered a 1st place award in Entrée category in the Annual Taste of Seguin celebration!

All things grow with love!

Remarkable Leaders
Olivia and Lisa

Thank you Olivia Compian - Director of Business Development (left) and Lisa Frausto - Admissions Director in Seguin (right) for representing Remarkable Healthcare of Seguin at the Health Fair at Seguin's Silver Center. Olivia and Lisa are stellar leaders who have produced REMARKABLE results for our Seguin facility.

Remarkable Leaders Olivia and Lisa

Dr. David Rider!

We are pleased to see one of our Seguin colleagues honored by the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise. Congratulations Dr. Rider for being voted Seguin's Best Doctor!

Dr. Rider